Building Trust: The Increasing Importance of Brand Guidelines

In a world where so much is changing so quickly—and sometimes drastically—it is difficult for brands to establish trust. Edelman, the world-leading PR firm, just released their annual trust index. The theme for 2017? “Trust in Crisis.” Consumer trust in institutions—businesses, governments, NGOs, and the media—is down across the board with declines in trust in… Read more »

Partnerships and Patience

In the last decade or so, few barriers have remained between the sport of soccer and widespread popularity in America. One of those few, though—and possibly the most important—was that the sport still had yet to produce an American poster boy, someone kids would idolize and marketers would court. Until now. Tim Howard is the… Read more »

Keeping the Spark Alive

I am a firm believer in the idea that brands should be approached and understood in the same way as our relationships. So, it’s no surprise that some playful Valentine’s Day relationship advice might actually reveal valuable insights for brands, particularly aging ones. Avoid a stale relationship or brand with these tips for keeping the… Read more »

Perfect To The Tea

I have a bit of a confession; I am obsessed with beverages.   I don’t have a drinking problem; I am just the beverage version of a foodie. From sodas to juices even down to fancy bottled waters, if it’s interesting and different, I want to try it. With Chicago’s weather finally dropping, I have been… Read more »

Staying In Line Online

Our president Melissa has a knack for meeting clients in the most unexpected of places. On a couple of occasions a short conversation with a friendly cab driver turned into a contract or an overheard lunch conversation has become a business deal. So how does a simple conversation become a great opportunity? The answer is… Read more »