Staying In Line Online

Our president Melissa has a knack for meeting clients in the most unexpected of places. On a couple of occasions a short conversation with a friendly cab driver turned into a contract or an overheard lunch conversation has become a business deal. So how does a simple conversation become a great opportunity? The answer is quite simple. She maintains our brand’s integrity in any situation.\n\nAs you take your company online, via web, social media or advertising, it is important that a you always remember to put your best foot forward. Your activities online should always be a direct reflection of your company. Take, for example, two common mistakes: \n\n(1) Compromised Logos: How often do you go to a company’s Facebook account and see a cut off, pixilated or super-shrunk logo? Make sure your logo is intact and inline with your organization’s brand standards. It may seem like a small detail but a potential client might interpret that as sloppiness.\n\n(2) Different Look & Feel – Most social networking sites give users tons of customization and personalization options. Choose colors and options that mirror your organization’s branding, not your mood that day. If there is nothing that matches or compliments your brand, use the default format.\n\nEven though social media is a less formal venue, it is still critical that you convey a professional image and one that is in line with your company’s strategic goals. Although a cab ride or grabbing a quick bite at lunch are both casual environments, Melissa still represents the company in a professionally thus resulting in great business. Staying consistent and professional, no matter what the environment, always pays off!\n

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