Life Lessons from Pacquaio v. Marquez 4

Those who know me well know that I adore boxing. While some may find the sport pugilistic, I think it’s a beautiful test of endurance, fitness and most importantly strategy. Seeing two people executing their game plans under a barrage of blows in the midst of constant motion, the spotlight and a full house, is the… Read more »

Favorite Blog Friday

Thanksgiving weekend was one of the most anticipated and loved holidays of the year.  It’s when we start getting a little time off from work, we see friends and family, we eat good food and some participate in the more modern tradition of staying up and going Black Friday shopping.\n\nThe day after Thanksgiving is one… Read more »

My Boyfriend the Brand

Everyday we make decisions about our brands. What should it look like? What is the best solution? Will people buy this? To sharpen our instincts and make better decisions we read up on trending articles, indulge in marketing terminology and seek insights and advice from the experts in our field in hopes to demystify the… Read more »

Does media matter?

While I personally reject modern technology and lament the increasing rarity of books, isn’t it all information after all? From the printing press tearing down knowledge-based hierarchies, to the television exporting culture to every corner of the world, to the Internet now democratizing opinion making (and seeking), isn’t information and its transference still the same?… Read more »

#Hashtags We Salute You!

November 6 2012 is a day that will go down in history.  It was an event that not just Americans, but everyone worldwide was captivated by.  President Barack Obama was just re-elected president and was giving his victory speech. Everyone was mesmerized; not just by Obama but something beyond him….literally.  Standing in the crowd directly… Read more »

Social Media RIGHT Now

Over the past few years there has been a shift in the world. Society as whole has developed a new found appreciation for design and renewed respect for quality, artistic vision, and beauty. These are words that have always been associated with right brain thinkers.  The right side of the brain is said to control creativity… Read more »

Everyone Needs Therapy

If you’ve poked through the Blue Daring website you would know that strategy drives everything we do. A good sound strategy should always be the foundation for your business. It’s easy for most to want to rush the strategy process and skip to something more instantly gratifying such as design. As tempting as this is… Read more »

It’s Not About You

It isn’t uncommon in the workplace to hear people getting a kick out of their customers. Whether it be a grocery store clerk snickering about the amount of ice cream a customer bought, a designer who thinks their customer’s font preference is stupid or an architect who thinks his customer lacks vision, the premise is… Read more »

Pretty Partnerships

As I have mentioned before I am very active in the beauty community.  Like all makeup junkies I love Sephora.  For those who don’t know, Sephora is the Willy Wonka chocolate factory of the makeup world.  The store sells top beauty brands as well as has an in-house line of cosmetics.  Recently Sephora partnered with… Read more »

Portrait Primer

I’ve recently had the pleasure of art directing a few portrait photography sessions for our clients. We got some great results, and it’s a joy to work with stellar professionals behind the camera and  ‘subjects’ who feel comfortable being photographed. But many people find the experience intimidating, and not knowing what to expect going into a session… Read more »