Life Lessons from Pacquaio v. Marquez 4

Those who know me well know that I adore boxing. While some may find the sport pugilistic, I think it’s a beautiful test of endurance, fitness and most importantly strategy. Seeing two people executing their game plans under a barrage of blows in the midst of constant motion, the spotlight and a full house, is the epitome of focus and perseverance. Then you know, of course, that I wouldn’t miss  the long-awaited rematch between Marquez and Pacquaio earlier this month.  (I haven’t been this excited about a rematch since the gory and sometimes senseless saga between Israel Vázquez vs Rafael Márquez). And boy what a fight!  Not only was it an incredible display of speed, energy and strategy, but as I was sharing with my team last night, it carried some deeply meaningful life lessons.\n\n\n\nChange Up Your Strategy\n\nMarquez knew that going to decision was not an option. In order to indisputably beat his rival, it would take a knockout. He changed up his game plan and built his strength and upper body – new to his usual signature speed and flurries. Pacquaio on the other hand, didn’t change a thing. Sure he’s one of the best boxers that ever lived, but even a star like him has to change it up sometimes.  If what you’re doing isn’t working – change your strategy.\n\nPractice\n\nWhile the knockout blow was a matter of Marquez’s strength and capitalizing on opportunity, it was his stamina and training that allowed him to withstand Pacquaio’s blows throughout the 6th round. His four months of training (twice that of Pacquaio’s) was the perfect accompaniment to his determination to make this fight indisputably his.  If you want something, be prepared to do what it takes to get it.\n\nIt Ain’t Over Til It’s Over\n\nFinally my favorite lesson of all. As we were all awaiting the bell to free Marquez from Manny’s relentless blows, the least expected thing of all happened – Pacquiao went down. After my shock and awe subsided (and Manny showed signs of life), I reflected on this beautiful lesson that Marquez provided us – treat every second with the same gusto and passion as the first. Sure you may be tired, sure it seems like all you want to hear is that bell, but it’s that moment when you think you can’t take it anymore that your real ability and strength reveals itself.  \n\nHappy Holidays everyone.

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