Your Products Don’t Matter

Your brand’s value is not what you make or what you do. It’s certainly not your tagline. Your brand’s value is the net change your business catalyzes in your customer’s life—the purpose and goal of your products or services. Through this lens, Tesla does not make cars, but rather energy efficient solutions. Waste Management does not… Read more »

Keep Calm and Party On

Every time I throw a successful event, at least one person asks me how I did it. “How’d you get it to all come together?” and “I can’t believe this went off without a hitch!” are common conversation starters at work the next day. But really, what’s the point of putting in all of that… Read more »

How to Give Effective Design Feedback

3 simple tips for communicating actionable, honest, and objective feedback. Gathering and implementing client feedback is a huge part of a designer’s job, but it can sometimes prove a frustrating process for both designer and client. The internet is filled with designer-made memes like this poster series capturing the creative community’s favorite worst feedback: While I… Read more »

Blank Paper Syndrome

The importance of structure in the creative process You’re staring at a blank page. A cursor is blinking, taunting. Or perhaps your pen is feebly hovering just centimeters above a notebook, a thousand half-formed ideas popping in and out of your head. They drown each other out, and you are left with nothing more than… Read more »

Language Leverage: Effective messaging starts with words

A few years ago, I made a mistake. It’s a common mistake that happens to the best of us, but I made it publicly and refused to recognize my error until it was too late. As a copywriter, I hold myself to certain standards of linguistic and literary abilities. I also entertain the notion of… Read more »

Let’s Get Physical

At Blue Daring I’m known for my ability to view things in a dimensional form. By that, I mean creating prototypes during the design process as well as always trying to infuse multilayered elements to enhance a simple idea. Earlier this year, our team embarked on a new project to celebrate the New Year–a customized… Read more »

Don’t Abandon Your Brand Baby!

I attend my fair share of networking events and spend a lot of time chatting with people about Blue Daring. I’ve noticed a definite trend: When I make even a slight mention of social media—as part of a bigger marketing plan and part of our offering—many people get fixated on it and ask “Do you… Read more »

Growth: The Sweetest of Deaths

If you have ever fallen in love with a restaurant, you’ll know about the heartbreak of crushed expectations when you visit them after their time in the spotlight. Why is it that the minute restaurants have to cater to a lot of people quickly, they lose the very thing that made them famous to begin… Read more »