Let’s Get Physical

At Blue Daring I’m known for my ability to view things in a dimensional form. By that, I mean creating prototypes during the design process as well as always trying to infuse multilayered elements to enhance a simple idea.

Earlier this year, our team embarked on a new project to celebrate the New Year–a customized kit to celebrate our client and partners. Through this process I learned a few key things you should always keep in mind when approaching design with a structural component.

Know Your Parameters

First thing with any project is to know your budget, timeline and capabilities. In packaging this step is even more crucial. The variables for constructing a container are extensive so knowing your needs will help inform your execution and narrow down your resources. I find that a good starting point in this process is having a sense of quantity. Lower quantities tend to limit production capabilities if economical pricing is a concern, BUT that’s where the importance of creativity comes in.

Plan, Adjust and Follow Through

Create a schedule and ensure all involved have a clear understanding of the agenda. Since production time eats away at timelines, I found working backwards and allowing wiggle room for unexpected hiccups is most effective. As with everything, keep everyone updated when dates are shifted, after all, good communication is the key to success.

Test Test Test

No matter how well you can imagine and create a structure on paper, there are some factors you cannot foresee. Creating prototypes not only allows you to test the functionality of the package and how well the materials hold up but it also ensures your design is displayed as originally intended.

Value Your Vendor

One of the most important tips is to trust and collaborate with your production vendor. They are familiar with what their capabilities are and have the knowledge of what works in terms of functionality. Keeping this open-mindedness to what your vendor has to offer will allow for a better solution in the end product.



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