All About You

Lately there has been an avalanche of marketing campaigns that are reminding us consumers that “It’s all about you.”   From cell phones to internet providers to fast food companies everyone is ensuring us that all that matters is our wants, needs and preferences,  Everything is (within reason of course) completely customizable for us the client.  Although it seems this is a marketing trend or ploy the truth is it is just a simple fact.  Of course it is all about the consumer. Without them there is no demand driving the supply.  Why than the sudden urgency to assure the masses?  \n\nI suspect the recession to be the driving force behind these campaigns.  Think of it like a rocky relationship.  The consumer was being treated badly and in turn started pulling away.  Now the corporations are trying to get back in their good graces. Like the saying goes you don’t know what you got til it’s gone.\n\nYour audience is ultimately who will make or break you.  That is why Blue Daring has always valued the importance of information consumption.  Researching your target consumer and familiarizing yourself with their specific needs is critical.  Taking what you learned and customizing your messaging to align with your client is what will guarantee that they truly understand your vision and make your organization stand out from the everyday mob of solicitations we all encounter.\n\nAt the end of the day people want to work with and engage companies that they feel truly understand them and that they can relate too. If your messaging is on target with your audience the competition will fall by the wayside and it will be all about YOU.

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