I HEART Information Consumption

This past weekend I took a short trip to New York. Being a city girl myself I have always had an appreciation for bustling towns so naturally I love the big apple. As always when I travel I tend to forget a few things so I popped into a drug store. As I waited in… Read more »

All About You

Lately there has been an avalanche of marketing campaigns that are reminding us consumers that “It’s all about you.”   From cell phones to internet providers to fast food companies everyone is ensuring us that all that matters is our wants, needs and preferences,  Everything is (within reason of course) completely customizable for us the client.  Although… Read more »

Marketing Season

The fall season is here! Judging by the rapid moving gray clouds outside the office windows and the fact that we just turned the heat on I think it’s safe to say warm weather is long gone. It’s time to bring in the sweaters, the hot chocolate, and the marketing campaigns.\n\nWith Cold weather soon comes… Read more »

A Look @ Social Media Interaction

As I mentioned on my first blog social media is where it’s at. Twitter is a great new tool that can quickly help you interact with your target audience, establish your expertise, and also promote news within your organization. I personally think one of the most valuable aspects of social media is being able to… Read more »

I like big icons… Am I getting old?

So recently Sasha (my better half) and I disconnected our television service. We now have what he lovingly calls a “media center” – a big screen television hooked up to a computer where we keep our movies, photos, files and connect to the Internet. At home this Monday night, I noticed [that to help our visibility] he had changed our “media center’s” settings so that all of the icons and type on the screen were HUGE.\n\nGuess what? I loved it!! I suddenly thought to myself…’Wait a second… super large icons and type are usually recommended for elderly users… Am I getting old?’

It’s quite simple

The weather this past weekend in Chicago lent itself as a great opportunity to catch up on some TV. As I was clicking around the tube I came across a Charles Schwab commercial. Their latest ads feature people animated using a technique called rotoscoping (think of films like Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly) discussing… Read more »