Innovate With What You’ve Got

Many companies hear the word innovation and get nervous. Although innovation suggests change, you don’t have to shake things up completely to see the impact. What do you do really well? Instead of trying to chase a fleeting industry trend or blindly add new areas of specialty to your company, take the the time to… Read more »

Don’t Abandon Your Brand Baby!

I attend my fair share of networking events and spend a lot of time chatting with people about Blue Daring. I’ve noticed a definite trend: When I make even a slight mention of social media—as part of a bigger marketing plan and part of our offering—many people get fixated on it and ask “Do you… Read more »

High Frequency

After months of what feels like endless freezing temps, Chicago becomes a madhouse when summer arrives, with Chicagoans soaking up as much sun as possible at beaches and pools. I normally stay away from that crowded scene, but this year I decided I’d give it a try. First things first—I needed a swimsuit. So I… Read more »

5 Tips On How To Be a Team Player [VIDEO]

Whether working internally with coworkers or externally on projects with clients, business is all about being on teams. Here are some quick tips on how you can be the best team mate. TIP #1 Be Open My primary role here are Blue Daring is marketing lead however  another part of my job is creating community… Read more »

Te Quiero Taco Bell Marketing

I admit that despite having a green smoothie every morning and spending a fortune on organic groceries I still love fast food. Although I have no problem dining ala drive thru the one chain I never really visit is Taco Bell. Nothing against the food, but living in Chicago we have so many affordable authentic… Read more »

Focus Within

It’s every brand’s dream to be the talk of the town. We all want our target audience to introduce us to their networks and shower us with good graces. Of course there are a ton of tips I could give you on how to create some positive buzz for your brand however, before you invest… Read more »

And The Award Goes To…

Emmys, Grammys, SAG, Oscars oh my! If you didn’t already know its award season. As a pop culture fanatic it’s one of my favorite times of the year. In the spirit of all the award shows happening lately I wanted to honor some of my favorite moments in marketing and social media in the past… Read more »

Social Warfare

Competition is part of the game when it comes to business. Some businesses become obsessed with keeping tabs on the other team and get caught up trying to outdo each other (think of the fast food industry for example). Others play the game more strategically and wait for just the right moment to set themselves… Read more »

Video In Focus

Last month Facebook’s photo sharing product Instagram released a new video feature. Users can now upload 15 seconds of video edited with fun filters. The news of Instagram’s video release created quite a bit of buzz as it was encroaching on the territory of Twitter’s video sharing product Vine. Vine, released earlier this year, had… Read more »