Focus Within

It’s every brand’s dream to be the talk of the town. We all want our target audience to introduce us to their networks and shower us with good graces.

Of course there are a ton of tips I could give you on how to create some positive buzz for your brand however, before you invest more on your external marketing look internally for an opportunity to create a positive brand experience. The group of people who interact with your brand more than anyone is most likely your staff. Without them it would be nearly impossible to run your organization. That being said you should consider your employees as a target audience.

A happy employee, much like a happy customer,
will sing your praises not only to their friends
but represent you well at industry events.

Here are a few easy ways to create a sense of community and keep morale high among your new found audience.

BD Team at Lunch

Listen Up

An important but often forgotten element to ensuring happy employees is listening to their needs. Whether you send out an employee survey or start every team meeting with an open forum, be sure to set some time aside to hear out your team. Creating a space where people feel heard and are not afraid to speak their mind will result in a more confident workforce.

“creating a space where people feel heard
and are not afraid to speak their mind
will result in a more confident workforce.”

BD working together through a team building exercise.

Activate Creativity

All work and no play makes for a stressed team. Infuse some fun activities employees can partake in that not only get their mind off work for a bit but unleash creative thinking. Bring in an improv expert or make everyone take a 15 min doodle break. You will be surprised what great ideas can spur from a little bit of fun.

Create Greatness

Beautiful brochures and newsletters aren’t just tools for your sales team. Creating great internal materials can help keep your mission top of mind throughout the company.  Employees will notice that you aren’t skimping on internal communications and will appreciate the message within that much more. Having great internal marketing pieces makes staff feel important and also sets the bar for external work.

Perk Up

Health insurance, fancy holiday parties or even a free lunch here and there can all go a long way in building morale.  These gestures show your staff that you care about them as people and appreciate the hard work and effort they put forth on a daily basis. You might groan at the thought of an expensive company dinner but what better advertising than a few employees posting images with ear to ear smiles touting the awesome company they work for.

Your people are your greatest asset and
you should invest in them as much as possible.

An appreciated team is a grateful, happy and productive team. Staff will come to work ready and willing and glad to go that extra mile for the company and their clients.

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