Deal or No Deal?

The holiday season is a shopaholic’s dream comes true.  Every year retailers run amazing deals in hopes of luring shoppers who have long Christmas lists to fill.  As if Black Friday and Cyber Monday weren’t enough, more and more brands are turning to daily discount and flash sale websites to promote their business throughout the… Read more »

So… what’s new?

As I wrap up my first month as Creative Lead at Blue Daring, it seems natural to write my first post here about newness. I’ve been personally experiencing quite a lot of it lately, as anyone does when starting out a new job. Absorbing a different set of clients, negotiating unfamiliar procedures, getting set up in… Read more »

Take Me To Your Leader

The idea of a spokesperson is nothing new in the world of marketing.  For years companies have been paying celebrities to endorse their brands and products in hopes that their target audience will follow suite. These days the face of celebrity has changed.  In a world full of reality TV, blogging, and YouTube, today’s “celebrities”… Read more »

The Company of Character

From the rude genius with the brilliant but spiritless start up, to the passionate engineer with a soulful development company – businesses are defined by the characters of their leaders. The most successful businessmen I know have built their business because of their character. Being themselves, taking ownership of who they are, has enabled them… Read more »

Public Opinion

The blogosphere is a populous place.  From individuals to corporations it seems almost everyone has embraced blogging. While there are many components to tracking the success of a blog, comments have always been the most immediate indicator of success. Not anymore. Commenting has decreased in favor of sharing.\n\nThe decrease in commenting can be accredited to… Read more »

Our Future in 3D [Print]

\n\n \nMy good friend Dan recently shared this incredible video about 3D Printing. I am familiar with 3D printing—in fact my engagement ring was made possible through the use of a 3D printer—but I had never stopped to think about the possibilities. What really amazed me was that this printer can create moving parts. Genius!\n\nThey… Read more »

A New Reality

I have heard a lot of buzz about something called augmented reality (AR). It promises to change the way we see the world via our mobile phones. I just had to find out more.\n\n \n\nWhat is AR anyway? Wikipedia defines it as: a term for a live direct or an indirect view of a physical,… Read more »

Diversity in a New World Inspired by Matisyahu \n Diversity and Matisyahu \n This Thursday night I went to see Matisyahu at the Congress Theatre.  It was the best concert I’ve \n ever been too.  He was brilliant.  He has this profound way of flowing to the energy and the music \n that made everyone in the room flow with him. This… Read more »

Google + My Thoughts

This past month Google launched the much anticipated Google+, the social networking site that is said to finally be competition for Facebook.  As with most Google products Google+ is currently invite-only during this initial launch.  Like most people who are into this sort of thing I was (impatiently) awaiting an invitation.  Saturday morning I finally… Read more »

I HEART Strategy: Think Again

I HEART STRATEGY: Think Again I HEART Strategy is a bi-weekly blog post where I talk about strategy, good and bad, in the media, business, community and life. While I don’t have television service, I still love watching shows. Thanks to services like Hulu, iTunes and Netflix I still do.  During a venture on Comedy… Read more »