The Company of Character

From the rude genius with the brilliant but spiritless start up, to the passionate engineer with a soulful development company – businesses are defined by the characters of their leaders. The most successful businessmen I know have built their business because of their character. Being themselves, taking ownership of who they are, has enabled them to shine and often, but not always, profit. \n\nConversely, a business’s weakness is that of its leader. If you run an organization, ask yourself what you’re bad at. Are you a bad marketer? Perhaps you don’t know finance very well? Chances are your company lacks brand awareness and is in dire need of a good CFO. This is why when you are trying to improve your organization, begin by improving yourself.\n\nI always say that you can’t be a good woman, a good father, a good boss, or a good son without being first good with yourself. Your ability to give to others is hinged on whether you have something to give. That is why you must cultivate and develop your strengths, passions and interests in order to be able to truly give to others.\n\nFor a company, the answer is easy. Surround yourself with partners who have the qualities and experience that you lack. A great wealth advisor or a trusted strategist, can help your business best capitalize on its strengths. Worst case scenario you’re a better company for the experience. Best case scenario you grow your business in a way you never knew possible.

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