Lessons in Daring

We celebrated our 18th birthday this June. Eighteen is when we enter adulthood, an age at which most of us start coming into our own. It’s a milestone that offers a chance to reflect as well as think about the future and how we’ll choose to grow up.

Here are a few simple takeaways that can help you and your team—whatever you do—think about your future.

1 |  Focus on what you’re good at

Being successful takes a combination of time, experience and, most importantly, self-awareness. You must be honest with yourself about what you are genuinely good at.

Develop and commit to a strategy that nurtures and sustains whatever that is so you can attract those who value your strengths. Resist spending time and energy on passing trends and unaligned ideas that distract you.

2 |  Align your people with what they love

I love making people happy. The fact that we work to match our people with what makes them happy too—their interests and passions—is one of the reasons Blue Daring has flourished.

Ensuring that each member of your team discovers what they love to do and feels supported in doing it fosters their ability to contribute with joy. Spend time with everyone you work with and learn to understand what they love to do so you can identify opportunities for them to apply it.

3 |  Don’t chase what isn’t meant to be

As disappointing as they can be, losses or failures teach us and build character—if we let them.

My perspective on projects we don’t win or relationships that end is this: if the alignment isn’t there, it wasn’t meant to be. Trust that different and better opportunities to partner with those you best align with await. They always do.

4 |  Challenge yourself constantly

Our team knows how to push the creative and strategic envelope, but we wouldn’t be able to do that without being intentional about trying new things.

Whether it’s professional development, activities that get you out of your comfort zone, connecting to organizations in other sectors, or working in/visiting new places, foster an environment that exposes you and your team to new ideas. It helps you understand yourself and the world better—not to mention, inspires.

I don’t know if we’ll ever really grow up, but I do know that Blue Daring’s beautiful culture, creativity and strengths have been shaped by what we’ve learned so far.

Here’s to our future—and yours.


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