Lessons in Daring

We celebrated our 18th birthday this June. Eighteen is when we enter adulthood, an age at which most of us start coming into our own. It’s a milestone that offers a chance to reflect as well as think about the future and how we’ll choose to grow up. Here are a few simple takeaways that… Read more »

5 Tips On How To Be a Team Player [VIDEO]

Whether working internally with coworkers or externally on projects with clients, business is all about being on teams. Here are some quick tips on how you can be the best team mate. TIP #1 Be Open My primary role here are Blue Daring is marketing lead however  another part of my job is creating community… Read more »

The Company of Character

From the rude genius with the brilliant but spiritless start up, to the passionate engineer with a soulful development company – businesses are defined by the characters of their leaders. The most successful businessmen I know have built their business because of their character. Being themselves, taking ownership of who they are, has enabled them… Read more »

What Daley Teaches Us About Leadership

Last night, at the Economic Club of Chicago’s 333rd Dinner Meeting, I was lucky enough to hear our dearest Mayor, Richard M. Daley, give one of his final speeches as Mayor. In his hallmark frankness and simple tone, he spoke about the progress Chicago has made over the last 20 years and what the future… Read more »

Leadership by the Sexes

While in Barcelona last month, my husband Sasha and I got into a deep conversation on leadership. (While enjoying some jamon of course.) I don’t know how it came about, but after mentioning some of the greatest leaders of all times – from the Spartan leader Leonidas to the famed spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi to… Read more »