Introducing Intertwined, a Blue Daring art project

In celebration of 15 years of Blue Daring, we’ve given our team the opportunity to create without limits through the “Creative Challenge,” a year-long, three-part initiative that brings together branding and strategy through the arts. We’re pairing up members of our team, a creative and a strategist, to create an original artistic work, with just 3 months and $10,000 to… Read more »

The Entrepreneur’s Journey: A Daring Balance

At Melissa Ballate’s desk there’s an illuminated display of ever-changing math equations. After some deciphering, it becomes clear it isn’t a game, it’s a clock, creatively communicating time. It’s just one of many clues that Ballate is always thinking differently. As the founder and president of Blue Daring, Melissa partners with people with vision to bring… Read more »

Blue Daring likes a Challenge

For 15 years, Blue Daring has been connecting strategic thinking with world-class design. It’s how we bring vision to life. So, what happens when we give life to this innate dichotomy through the arts? Presenting the “Creative Challenge,” a year-long, three-part celebration of creation and connection that beautifully intertwines branding and strategy through the arts.… Read more »