Introducing Intertwined, a Blue Daring art project

In celebration of 15 years of Blue Daring, we’ve given our team the opportunity to create without limits through the “Creative Challenge,” a year-long, three-part initiative that brings together branding and strategy through the arts. We’re pairing up members of our team, a creative and a strategist, to create an original artistic work, with just 3 months and $10,000 to complete their project.

Our designer Diane Johns and strategist Veronica Cruz completed their work, Intertwined, a hand-bound, screen printed book of original poetry and illustrations that takes readers on a journey from ideation to creation.

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Melissa, this is awesome. Diane and Veronica, you have indescribable talent with unmatched artistic values. Thank you for making this book and Wow! for sharing the process.


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