More than Sauce: Branding Diversity

The perfect ad—you’ve seen it before. A group of friends or a family; one brown, one yellow, one white. A utopian mix of races, genders, even lifestyles. For decades, brands have approached diversity (and inclusion) in this way, and it makes sense. In fact, a 2016 study found that 80% of millennial parents enjoy seeing… Read more »

Getting the Most Out of Conferences

I’m usually behind the scenes at conferences – helping clients find conferences to attend or speak at, or assisting with their presentations and booth set-ups. So whenever I attend a conference or large event, it makes me think about the differences between being an attendee and being a vendor, a sponsor, or a company with… Read more »

How to Give Effective Design Feedback

3 simple tips for communicating actionable, honest, and objective feedback. Gathering and implementing client feedback is a huge part of a designer’s job, but it can sometimes prove a frustrating process for both designer and client. The internet is filled with designer-made memes like this poster series capturing the creative community’s favorite worst feedback: While I… Read more »

How to Create a Logo

Every designer has his or her own way of designing a logo. This year, I’ve paid particular attention to my own creative process. Partly to see if I could establish a more systematic way of creating, but also to archive the experience from start to finish. Most people only ever see the finished product, but there is so much… Read more »

What is your brand’s song?

This year I decided to fill my time with more “passion projects”—uber creative and liberating experiences (or experiments) that will challenge me to be more creatively well-rounded and energize my work. One of my most recently inspired undertakings was to learn to play a new instrument. I chose ukulele because, coming from Hawai’i, I already had… Read more »

Seen on the Street

As I heard a personal branding consultant say last week–branding happens. Question is, are you going to control it? With that in mind (and really all the time since it’s what I know, breathe and love), I always look to my environment for both lessons and inspiration. Here are three lessons on branding from three… Read more »

In-car Adverts: The Future is Now?

Is our relationship with Siri getting a little too serious? The chatter on the Web seems to overwhelmingly fall against BMW’s research into incorporating semantic advertising, or in-car adverts, through its navigation software, iDrive. As driver carries on his or her merry way, the idea goes, the display would broadcast relevant ads that relay information… Read more »

2011 Oscar Posters Review

The Oscars are upon us once again. So as I did last year, here is a review of the 2011 Oscar nominees’ posters. Movie posters are an excellent marketing tool. They serve as a visual explanation of what the movie is about and can sometimes make or break a viewer’s decision to go and see… Read more »

Growing as a Designer – 10 Things I’ve Learned

We have been talking a lot about growth here at Blue Daring. It’s the theme of our latest campaign. This got me thinking about my own growth as a design professional and the different phases my career has taken in the past decade. Looking back, the choice to become a designer was easy, I knew… Read more »