The virtual pivot: how to do public involvement in the time of COVID

Beautiful parks, scenic trails, and safe, drivable, congestion-free roads are all part of what makes a community great. But these kinds of infrastructure projects don’t just appear overnight. They’re often the result of months or even years of public involvement and community outreach—one of the main hats I wear at Blue Daring.   Public involvement—going… Read more »

Getting the Most Out of Conferences

I’m usually behind the scenes at conferences – helping clients find conferences to attend or speak at, or assisting with their presentations and booth set-ups. So whenever I attend a conference or large event, it makes me think about the differences between being an attendee and being a vendor, a sponsor, or a company with… Read more »

Keep Calm and Party On

Every time I throw a successful event, at least one person asks me how I did it. “How’d you get it to all come together?” and “I can’t believe this went off without a hitch!” are common conversation starters at work the next day. But really, what’s the point of putting in all of that… Read more »