Keep Calm and Party On

Every time I throw a successful event, at least one person asks me how I did it. “How’d you get it to all come together?” and “I can’t believe this went off without a hitch!” are common conversation starters at work the next day.

But really, what’s the point of putting in all of that time and effort if no one is going to appreciate it or have fun in the end? More often than not, the most stressful situations turn into the best events as long as you’re following a few general rules.

I may not have the silver bullet, but I’ve found these rules of thumb to be incredibly helpful while planning events for Blue Daring. It’s easy to get hung up on the details. Taking a step back and realizing that you’re prepared for setbacks and last minute requests will help keep your mind at ease.

Nothing is set in stone.

Everything from RSVPS and +1’s to the catering menu and the weather can change in the blink of an eye. Keep an open mind and breathe! There are some things that are out of your control.

What you can do:
Maintain open communication with those affected by the changes and maintain a positive attitude with vendors. People understand that you aren’t changing things just for kicks.

There will always be something you forgot.

Having a list and checking it twice is important, but your list will never be able to account for everything.

What you can do:
Shoot for 100 but only expect to hit 99.9. As much as you want to believe that you can do it all on your own, saying “yes” to an offer of help can make it or break it when you suddenly need an extra 20lbs of ice and all of the lights just burned out.

Treat the day before like it’s the day of.

“I’ll come in 2 hours early” isn’t as effective as “I’ll stay late tonight.” Not having to worry about the little things, like the placement of the light fixtures or testing the presentation, is a lifesaver when it comes to coordinating the actual event.

What you can do:
Don’t forget the first two points: Something will always change and you’ll always forget something. Giving yourself that extra 24 hours to realize what has changed and what you forgot will make the day of that much easier.

Enjoy your event. Or at least pretend to.

Welcome your guests with a smile. Don’t look frazzled, even if your mind is running a mile a minute. Stay calm and most importantly have fun.

VIEW PHOTOS  from our October Ideas on Deck. In the spirit of Halloween, we asked everyone to show up dressed as their brand! The night was full of insight and excitement.


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