6 Ways to Approach Writing That You’re Not Using

  So, maybe you’re not composing the next Great American Novel any time soon. But, that doesn’t mean your writing should be sub par. Here are some tips to become a more adept writer. 1. Free write. To write, begin writing. Seems self-explanatory, but too often do our personal hang ups get in the way… Read more »

Is ‘Funny’ Keeping ACA from DOA?

In what is unarguably the most divisive plug of the year, the Affordable Care Act’s biggest advocate, the Leader of Free World Barrack Obama, sat “Between Two Ferns” opposite bearded comedian Zach Galifianakis in a last minute appeal to draw nearer to the elusive seven million enrollees the White House hopes to achieve by the… Read more »

In-car Adverts: The Future is Now?

Is our relationship with Siri getting a little too serious? The chatter on the Web seems to overwhelmingly fall against BMW’s research into incorporating semantic advertising, or in-car adverts, through its navigation software, iDrive. As driver carries on his or her merry way, the idea goes, the display would broadcast relevant ads that relay information… Read more »

The Abridged Emergency Guide for Non-Writers

Writing—you either love it or lump it. For my personal longevity, I’m banking on people giving up the pen for good, but say you’re in dire straits. All of the world’s copywriters are away on some magical holiday in Majorca and there’s nothing but blank space between you and That Really Important Thing. Ruh-oh. Cool… Read more »