Challenge(s) Accepted

In honor of our company’s 20th anniversary, we’ve launched the second edition of the Blue Daring Creative Challenge. As with our first Creative Challenge in 2018, three teams of creatives and strategists are each provided three months and $10,000 to concept and create a unique work of art (in partnership with others) inspired by our… Read more »

Keep In Touch: Custom gifts for your company.

Custom kits are a thoughtful way to stay top of mind. Over the years, we’ve not only created our own unique gift kits—we’ve also helped our clients translate their brands into creative, custom kits that wow and delight. Kits create a brand experience your clients or employees won’t forget. Each item is hand-picked and assembled… Read more »

Creative Challenge 3: The Creative Experience

When Blue Daring recorded their own music track back in 2017, a four-minute jazz-like instrumental titled “Symphonic Funk,” it was a way of creatively expressing our own work process. So how could our act of creativity inspire others to do the same? That was the question that led Shuky Leung, a designer, and Courtney Griffin,… Read more »

Spring Reset: Giving Yourself and (Your Brand) a Fresh Start

While we’re already wrapping up the first quarter, March feels like the time for a fresh start. Between the longer days and the highly-anticipated winter thaw, spring gives us new hope and energy, making it the perfect time to start something new. From aligning to unplugging, our team shares how they reset, and how you… Read more »

BD on Canvas: Turning Core Values into Poster Prints

Our Creative Challenge continues, this time pairing Creative Lead Ashley Kaneko and Ideation Lead Vanessa Mentor. The two created a series of posters that use photography, illustration and lettering to visualize BD’s core values. With a combined 23 years at BD, the two brought both deep experience and perspective to the challenge. “For us, it… Read more »

Introducing Intertwined, a Blue Daring art project

In celebration of 15 years of Blue Daring, we’ve given our team the opportunity to create without limits through the “Creative Challenge,” a year-long, three-part initiative that brings together branding and strategy through the arts. We’re pairing up members of our team, a creative and a strategist, to create an original artistic work, with just 3 months and $10,000 to… Read more »

Blue Daring likes a Challenge

For 15 years, Blue Daring has been connecting strategic thinking with world-class design. It’s how we bring vision to life. So, what happens when we give life to this innate dichotomy through the arts? Presenting the “Creative Challenge,” a year-long, three-part celebration of creation and connection that beautifully intertwines branding and strategy through the arts.… Read more »