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In honor of our company’s 20th anniversary, we’ve launched the second edition of the Blue Daring Creative Challenge. As with our first Creative Challenge in 2018, three teams of creatives and strategists are each provided three months and $10,000 to concept and create a unique work of art (in partnership with others) inspired by our ethos. This year’s Challenge will produce three pieces dedicated to showcasing our values: strategy above all else, the power of design, partnership and (underpinning them all) diversity of people and ideas.

Team One: The Beauty of Strategy

A standalone floral sculpture was the initial concept that Creative Lead Shuky Leung, Project Coordinator Chris Capoyianes and Designer Chris Richards had for highlighting our value of strategy above all else. As most visions do, theirs progressed into one with a more focused and powerful impact.

“We first put pen to paper, sketching in our notebooks, and made digital renderings to share all the nuances we wanted to explore,” says Chris C. “Our vision evolved from making a free-standing piece to crafting a multi-dimensional hanging installation that better compliments Blue Daring’s ethos.”

Partnering with talented designer and fabricator Arlan DeRussy (@arlanmakesstuff), the team created an intricately-structured living wall sculpture nested among colorful moss, flowers and lights and contained within a 55” x 55” handmade frame. The purposeful addition of the phrase “Dare to be Blue” to the frame encourages all who interact with the piece to embrace both risk and discovery, professionally and personally.

The arresting piece of living art, unveiled in August and now residing in our office, is breathtaking if we do say so ourselves.

“It really came together how we planned it. It’s unique and I’m so proud to be a part of its creation—seeing it every time I walk into the office brings me joy,”

Chris Richards

As with all strategic engagements and teamwork, there were also valuable lessons learned along the way.

“Our initial mood board was bursting with ideas,” says Shuky. “We worked together to pare down and find what mattered most to show that, with great strategy, ideas grow and blossom and take you in directions you may not have considered.”

Chris C. agrees. “The interplay between our team’s planning, creativity and adaptability illuminated how strategy isn’t just a static roadmap to an end result, but a living, breathing guide that empowers us to keep navigating complexities and seizing opportunities to create something with lasting effect.”

Stay tuned to discover how Team Two brings Blue Daring’s value of partnership to life.

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