Creative Challenge 3: The Creative Experience

When Blue Daring recorded their own music track back in 2017, a four-minute jazz-like instrumental titled “Symphonic Funk,” it was a way of creatively expressing our own work process. So how could our act of creativity inspire others to do the same?

That was the question that led Shuky Leung, a designer, and Courtney Griffin, a writer and strategist, to produce The Creative Experience, a music video and the third and final Creative Challenge.

Both united by a passion for music, Shuky and Courtney wanted to find a way to challenge others to think creatively, using the BD song.

“We both see music as this language that can communicate beyond words, and we wanted to use that to inspire those who are already thinking creatively.”

-Courtney Griffin

The two recruited three artists to represent different and diverse art forms. The artists featured in the video are BOJITT, a body painter (using performer Curtis Bannister as her subject), Lewis Achenbach, a painter, and Hannah Santistevan, a dancer.

“We told each artist that they would have roughly four minutes to create, but that was their only limitation,” said Shuky. “We purposely gave them little to no direction, because we wanted to see what they came up with in the moment.”

Over a day-long shoot in April, Courtney, Shuky and crew from the production company Polymyth gathered with the three artists to capture their creative expression on film. The shoot featured multiple cameras, a drone and a fully-improvised performance from each artist.

“The video opens with the words ‘creativity strikes at a moment’s notice,’ and that’s a notion that inspired this entire concept,” said Courtney. “What we’re witnessing from each of these artists is pure, unfiltered creativity.”


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