Blue Daring likes a Challenge

For 15 years, Blue Daring has been connecting strategic thinking with world-class design. It’s how we bring vision to life.

So, what happens when we give life to this innate dichotomy through the arts?

Presenting the “Creative Challenge,” a year-long, three-part celebration of creation and connection that beautifully intertwines branding and strategy through the arts.

The challenge pairs up members of our team, a creative and a strategist, to create a work that uses artistry to celebrate our brand. Pairs are given 3 months and $10,000 to complete their project.

“I wanted to give our team the opportunity to create without limits,” said Melissa Ballate, Founder and President of Blue Daring. “The result is something that not only celebrates our brand but gives us a piece of artwork that will endure.”

The first project paired up Veronica Cruz and Diane Johns.

Blue Daring at Spudnik
Veronica in the studio at Spudnik Press for her Creative Challenge.

“We were given complete freedom to do what we wanted,” said Veronica, who journeyed outside of Blue Daring’s four walls and into a nearby printing studio to create her Challenge. “That doesn’t usually happen with work projects and made this challenge that much more exciting.”

Diane said the Challenge honed her creative talents, both old and new.

“Because of this challenge we got to learn a new skill and create an ambitious art piece that we would likely never have tackled on our own,” said Diane.

“We really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into,” added Veronica. “I’m surprised [we] picked up the process so quickly.”

Blue Daring at Spudnik
Diane inspects a print while working on her project.

So what did Veronica and Diane make? Their project will debut soon, an inspired work uniting original design, poetic verse and hand-crafted creativity. We look forward to seeing their idea come to life.

Follow us @bluedaring to stay tuned for more as our first Creative Challenge makes its debut.

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