I HEART Strategy: Think Again


I HEART Strategy is a bi-weekly blog post where I talk about strategy, good and bad, in the media, business, community and life. While I don’t have television service, I still love watching shows. Thanks to services like Hulu, iTunes and Netflix I still do.  During a venture on Comedy Central’s Full Episodes video section, I encountered a very smart Sears commercial. What it was? A video ad touting Sears having 10 of the top 10 appliance brands under one roof.  Message – Thinking about going somewhere else?  Think again. Why its good strategy? Sears realized that people like having all of their options in one place. This is why data integrators like Google and retailers like Wal-mart have thrived.  Sears’ promises the same ease and access. A psychologically astute tagline. Sure all calls to action are an imperative, but this one speaks to the consumer right before they are about to make a big purchase – susceptible to self-doubt and often reconsidering their options. Appliances are big for Sears’ business. This campaign is  an investment in maintaining Sears’ position as a market leader to new and upcoming audiences (i.e. affluent 30 somethings starting families) who are more propense to shop online.

What we can learn?

    • Learn about what your customers do and how they behave.
    • Consider your customers’ mindset while decision making to develop emotive messaging.
    • Use marketing as a tool to keep your core line of business sustainable.

Who this strategy is good for?

    • Established businesses looking to stay relevant

While over the last 8 years Sears stock price looks like the American Eagle at Great America, the strategy revealed in this campaign is a great direction for a company that needs to stay relevant in a very dynamic marketplace.

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