Te Quiero Taco Bell Marketing

I admit that despite having a green smoothie every morning and spending a fortune on organic groceries I still love fast food.

Although I have no problem dining ala drive thru the one chain I never really visit is Taco Bell. Nothing against the food, but living in Chicago we have so many affordable authentic Mexican joints that I end up forgetting about them. Lately, however, I can’t get enough. Nothing on the menu though; it’s their marketing. Taco Bell has really stepped it up–from run-of-the-mill and hokey to witty and fearless. Here are some of my favorite moments.

Doritos Loco Tacos

Perhaps it’s my soft shell preference but my initial reaction was…what the heck?!  Upon further thinking I realized this partnership is brilliant.  Both of these companies target the same type of consumer but in different channels. I have mentioned before the power of partnership and this really illustrates that.

Breakfast Phone

Earlier this year Taco Bell announced that it was entering the breakfast arena. To market this exciting news TB sent a special cell phone to 1,000 influencers. The phone was pre-programmed with missions and messages to rev up excitement. Sure the 1,000 chosen ones were excited, but the genius lies in the fact that we live in a social world. When someone is excited they share that with their audience. By engaging influential people their audience instantly grows.

“By engaging influential people their audience instantly grows.”


Breakfast Wars

Speaking of breakfast, Taco Bell has been taking some shots at the big guys in fast food breakfast and McDonald’s has been the focus. Their clever campaigns range from painting McD’s as an outdated choice to my personal favorite a commercial spot where several real life people named Ronald McDonald testify to loving the new Taco Bell breakfast.  The campaign sparked McDonald’s to respond via social media and now all the major fast food chains are trying to get in on what is being dubbed as the breakfast wars.  I little friendly competition is not only good for business but it also gives you an opportunity to highlight what makes you better [than the leading choice] in a creative way.

When marketing your business push yourself to take a few risks. Clever and creative content will always have your clients wanting mas.

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