Let’s Get Physical

At Blue Daring I’m known for my ability to view things in a dimensional form. By that, I mean creating prototypes during the design process as well as always trying to infuse multilayered elements to enhance a simple idea. Earlier this year, our team embarked on a new project to celebrate the New Year–a customized… Read more »

Lollapalooza has Great… Sponsors?

Attending festivals is all about having fun, and the last thing you want to feel is that you’re constantly being hounded by sponsors promoting their newest product or services. This year at Lollapalooza, I noticed that sponsors kicked it up a notch, particularly Samsung Galaxy. From free swag to relaxing lounges, Samsung’s Summer Campground got consumers to gravitate towards its… Read more »

Maintaining Productivity in Time for Summer

I’ve always known time is of the essence, but recently I’ve come to realize it is truly invaluable. With the warmer weather, it means weekends are just as busy as the weekdays, yet there’s just 24 hours in each day. We need to make every second count. Below are tips and tricks to maximize your… Read more »

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Have you noticed how majority of your social media feeds are saturated with images, videos and memes? Or how sometimes when you’re looking for a simple article on your daily commute, you end up just jumping from picture to picture, losing sight of why you were on the page in the first place? Simply put,… Read more »

Finding Gems in the Holiday Season

Consumerism is all any retail company thinks about when it comes to the holiday season. Most corporations are so focused on persuading us to visit their stores and purchase their product, that they lose sight of what the holidays are all about. Yes I’m referring to those companies with obnoxious store hours as we inch… Read more »