Finding Gems in the Holiday Season

Consumerism is all any retail company thinks about when it comes to the holiday season.

Most corporations are so focused on persuading us to visit their stores and purchase their product, that they lose sight of what the holidays are all about.

Yes I’m referring to those companies with obnoxious store hours as we inch closer and closer to the 25th. Did we forget retail associates have families too? Last week, however, two brands decided to put a pause on pressuring the consumer and decided rather to embrace the holiday spirit through their advertising.

This year, Meijer partnered with The Distillery Project to shed light on spreading the spirit of the season a little further.

Meanwhile, Apple captures the holiday cheer though their “Misunderstood” ad. Playing off of a the typical self-removed teen with their electronic device.

Around the holidays, it is easy for any business to get wrapped up in completing projects before the end of the year that we forget to take a step back and thank those around us. Our coworkers, partners, clients and loved ones make it possible for us to continue to do what we love. So, let’s all remember to take a step back and enjoy the holidays.

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