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Over the past few years there has been a shift in the world. Society as whole has developed a new found appreciation for design and renewed respect for quality, artistic vision, and beauty. These are words that have always been associated with right brain thinkers.  The right side of the brain is said to control creativity and the left side is for more analytic thinking, More and more brands are investing in creativity and we are seeing a right brain powered movement across all fields.\n\nThe right brain perspective has found it’s way  to social media.  Instead of typing lengthy or limited (ahem twitter) status updates, users are now engaging their networks through beautiful photography. They say a picture speaks a thousand words but if you asked Instagram they might tell you that a picture is worth 1 billion .  That is the amount Facebook paid to purchase Instagram earlier this year.  Instagram is a social mobile application that allows users to share their life through photography and artsy photo filtering.  Brands have been engaging with their audiences on Instagram by encouraging users to post photos of their customers enjoying their products ala Taco Bell.  Other Brands, GE for example, have also been taking this opportunity to post exclusive behind the scenes photos allowing their customers to know more about their process and taking a creative approach to transparency.  Think of ways you and your staff can tell you companies stories through creative pictures and sign up for Instagram.  Remember whatever theme you chose the use of hash tags will help you keep track of who you are  engaging and will  help build brand awareness.\n\n

cant go wrong with RIGHT
cant go wrong with RIGHT
\n\nAnother right brain powered site that is on the scene is Pinterest.  Pinterest is like an online cork board  The idea behind the site is to allow users to organize and share all the beautiful things they find on the web.  Fantastic interior design, magical wedding dresses, delectable recipes, stunning brand work, it can all  be found on Pinterest.  A simple way to get in on the Pinterest action is to add a Pinterest button as one of the share tools on your website.  This is great for companies that have an ecommerce site (Nordstrom for example has implemented the Pinterest share button) because the posts on Pinterest will lead their customers back to the site to purchase. If you are a brand that is a bit more corporate you can still get on the Pinterest train.  Set-up an account and share things your brand values, appreciates, or that your target audience could learn from. Meador staffing  is a great example of a company using Pinterest to share resources with their audience.\n\nBy embracing creativity you can discover different ways to share your vision without having to repeat the same calculated elevator speech you’ve been using for years .Ditch the pitch and brainstorm on ways you could use these social networks to visualize your message (We can help if you need a little creative boost!) Whatever you do DO NOT ignore this trend; a right mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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