Last-Minute Shopping? Do It Locally.

Think you might be a lazier, more last-minute holiday shopper than I? Think again, friend. I don’t really know how many shopping days I have left, when you factor in shipping. I certainly don’t know what my 92 year old grandmother might like. (Though I do know it’ll be hard to top the Michael Buble… Read more »

Causes and Opportunities

Last month, a million campaigns were launched on Facebook by a million different brands and companies. Most were likely following “foolproof” plans for raising brand awareness through comments, “shares” and “likes.” [Yes, I rounded up on those numbers. But probably not all that much.] Out of nowhere, though, came the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It… Read more »

Partnerships and Patience

In the last decade or so, few barriers have remained between the sport of soccer and widespread popularity in America. One of those few, though—and possibly the most important—was that the sport still had yet to produce an American poster boy, someone kids would idolize and marketers would court. Until now. Tim Howard is the… Read more »