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Last week my family welcomed a new addition. My cousin gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy (hi Ronin!) The day he was born was a day filled of happiness, excitement, anticipation, and Facebook?\n\nYou read that right I said Facebook. It started with a mass text message in the morning letting everyone know my cousin was on her way to the hospital. Within a matter of hours my Facebook news feed turned into baby watch ’09 with friends and family all adding their warm wishes and updates on the status of the babies’ arrival. 10 minutes after the baby was delivered there was already a photo album dedicated to him. I admit as I type this it all seems a bit much but I have to say during the commotion it sure beat the traditional not knowing anything and waiting around the whole day for a late night phone call..\n\nStudies show more people check their Facebook before their email when they first sit down on the computer. The fact is that the way we get news and information is changing and more and more; people are looking at social media for updates. Having your company post quick updates on new and exciting things going on is a great way to get people excited about your organization.\n\nMost all types of social media have a way for users to update on the go. Having staff members tweet during a big event can help create buzz for the next one planned, or promoting the final product of a current project helps your client feel appreciated and gives potential clients the chance to check out what you have to offer.   Delivering your companies news & events to your target audience is one of the easiest and best uses for your companies’ social networking site.  Soon enough you will see the great results born from a  little effort towards your social media strategy.

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Great article! It is so true what they say…as soon as anything big happens I tend to find out on FB before anyplace else…even Patrick Swayze’s death I learned only from the millions of people blogging about it!


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