#Hashtags We Salute You!

November 6 2012 is a day that will go down in history.  It was an event that not just Americans, but everyone worldwide was captivated by.  President Barack Obama was just re-elected president and was giving his victory speech. Everyone was mesmerized; not just by Obama but something beyond him….literally.  Standing in the crowd directly… Read more »

Public Opinion

The blogosphere is a populous place.  From individuals to corporations it seems almost everyone has embraced blogging. While there are many components to tracking the success of a blog, comments have always been the most immediate indicator of success. Not anymore. Commenting has decreased in favor of sharing.\n\nThe decrease in commenting can be accredited to… Read more »

Google + My Thoughts

This past month Google launched the much anticipated Google+, the social networking site that is said to finally be competition for Facebook.  As with most Google products Google+ is currently invite-only during this initial launch.  Like most people who are into this sort of thing I was (impatiently) awaiting an invitation.  Saturday morning I finally… Read more »

Build to Last

If my master plan has worked you have read my blogs which have helped you see the importance of social media for your business.  So now that you have set up your preferred profiles and channels for social media marketing (SMM) it’s time for you to acquire followers. Having a strong fan base is the… Read more »

2011 Design Trends & Discoveries

Last year I did a round up of 2010 Predictions of Design. This year I am going to write about design trends that I have been seeing and recent discoveries that I found worthy to share. \n\n\n1. Fonts for Websites: Probably the #1 complaint of web designers is being forced to use web-safe fonts in… Read more »

Future Updates, What’s Next with Social Media

Albeit trite, I can’t help but say my how fast the year went by! As evidenced by the campaigns featured in my last blog and more recently Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO being named TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year, 2010 was a great year for social media. With the new year just around the corner… Read more »

Missing the Mark

It is becoming more common to see companies advertising their social networking sites. Merging your online marketing with your offline marketing is a great way to not only easily measure the success of a campaign but also build up your following. Maker’s Mark bourbon company decided to take this approach with their recent billboards.\n\nIn the… Read more »

Think outside the status box…

Now that social media is becoming a bigger part of everyday life more companies are joining the bandwagon. It is safe to say the two current heavy hitters are Facebook and Twitter. Most major brands have an account on at least one if not both these websites. Both Twitter and Facebook provide a great opportunity… Read more »

That is So Last Season

Since I am constantly talking about the importance of social media on my blog, people often challenge me. They say things like: “How can it be so important? Facebook isn’t going to be around forever, right?”\n\nThe doubt lies in the fact that people do not know the difference between social media and social networking. Social… Read more »

The New News.

Last week my family welcomed a new addition. My cousin gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy (hi Ronin!) The day he was born was a day filled of happiness, excitement, anticipation, and Facebook?