Blog Traffic Down? Time to Roll Out Tumblr

Almost every single brand, business and freelancer I can think of has a blog. Blogs have always been the one aspect of social media that seem to click with people. They’re a great way to establish your expertise in a field, add a human aspect to a brand, and give life to a website that otherwise wouldn’t be updated too frequently. The popularity of blogging has caused the blogosphere to become quite saturated often times making it harder for blogs to gain new visibility.  Enter Tumblr, social media’s new rising star.\n\n\n\nTumblr is a microblogging site that has been gaining popularity thanks to its super simple interface that allows users to post and more importantly share posts of interest easily.   Many media outlets  have started to use Tumblr as a tool to gain visibility and new traffic to their sites and blogs. Newsweek pioneered the way with many others such as NPR, Huffington Post, & the Economist jumping on the Tumblr band wagon. These companies have all been using the site to post condensed content that redirects readers to their main blogs and/or websites. This has helped them attract a newer audience almost daily.\n\nIf your blog or website views are coming to a lull you may want to look into signing up. Keep in mind as great as Tumblr is, it isn’t for everyone. Organizations that cater to mass audiences versus B2B may find more benefits to Tumblr. If you do decide to give Tumblr a whirl here are a few tips:\n


  • Your Tumblr posts should be related to the content on your main site but not as intense.
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  • Try following Tumblr pages with similar content as yours.
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  • The more people you interact with on Tumblr the more people will interact with you (ensuring higher visibility to your brand and message.)
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\nFollowing these simple guidelines and maybe Tumblr can have the blog views rolling in.

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