Public Opinion

The blogosphere is a populous place.  From individuals to corporations it seems almost everyone has embraced blogging. While there are many components to tracking the success of a blog, comments have always been the most immediate indicator of success. Not anymore. Commenting has decreased in favor of sharing.\n\nThe decrease in commenting can be accredited to… Read more »

Blog Traffic Down? Time to Roll Out Tumblr

Almost every single brand, business and freelancer I can think of has a blog. Blogs have always been the one aspect of social media that seem to click with people. They’re a great way to establish your expertise in a field, add a human aspect to a brand, and give life to a website that… Read more »

Why Blue Blogs

Blogging, online video, Facebook, LinkedIn… blah blah blah! It seems that everywhere you turn there is yet another technology or site that everyone tells you… “Oh my God! If you want to do anything with your business, you better “. Let me tell you how it is.