Values Always Win

Recently, my Facebook feed has been flooded with shares and likes of Always’ #LikeAGirl commercial. The three-minute ad explores our perceptions of what it means to do something “like a girl.” The moral being, acting “like a girl” should not be an insult. Although there is a part of me that wonders if this is… Read more »

5 Tips On How To Be a Team Player [VIDEO]

Whether working internally with coworkers or externally on projects with clients, business is all about being on teams. Here are some quick tips on how you can be the best team mate. TIP #1 Be Open My primary role here are Blue Daring is marketing lead however  another part of my job is creating community… Read more »

Build to Last

If my master plan has worked you have read my blogs which have helped you see the importance of social media for your business.  So now that you have set up your preferred profiles and channels for social media marketing (SMM) it’s time for you to acquire followers. Having a strong fan base is the… Read more »

Internet Celebrity

There are thousands of people everyday trying to make it “big” in the world.  With shows like America’s Got Talent and American Idol the thirst for stardom is very apparent.  Thanks to the internet and viral videos there is a new breed of stars, the ordinary people who were NOT trying to become famous at… Read more »

A Social Spin

One of the greatest things about social media is how consistently small efforts can yield big rewards. I can not stress enough how infusing social media into your current efforts pays off.  If you still aren’t convinced that social media is a force to be reckoned with, here are a few examples of the large… Read more »

Lights, Camera, Marketing

Video may have killed the radio star in the 80’s but these days its how stars are born. Take Justin Bieber for example. He was just a regular pre teen who liked to sing and post his videos on Youtube. Music execs discovered his vids and he signed under a major music label. In what… Read more »

Think outside the status box…

Now that social media is becoming a bigger part of everyday life more companies are joining the bandwagon. It is safe to say the two current heavy hitters are Facebook and Twitter. Most major brands have an account on at least one if not both these websites. Both Twitter and Facebook provide a great opportunity… Read more »

Cause and Effect

Last Tuesday the world got word that a devastating earthquake had hit Haiti. Images of rubble and injured Haitians were all over the TV and internet. Naturally the news had left an impact on people and it seemed the whole world was trying to figure out a way they could help. \n\nShortly after the news… Read more »

Social Media in the Spotlight

2 weeks ago the annual MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs.) aired on TV. For those who missed it there was a whole lot of shenanigans that went down on that stage. Some of the crazier highlights included Kanye West jumping on stage and interrupting Taylor Swift mid acceptance speech, Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga, and… Read more »