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There are thousands of people everyday trying to make it “big” in the world.  With shows like America’s Got Talent and American Idol the thirst for stardom is very apparent.  Thanks to the internet and viral videos there is a new breed of stars, the ordinary people who were NOT trying to become famous at all.\n\nPrior to 2010 if I said ‘Hide your kids, hide your wife” most people would probably go into a panic and assume danger was lurking.  Now this phrase brings a smile to faces as they recall the viral “Bed Intruder” video.  Antoine Dodson became an internet sensation when believe it or not, his sister was attacked in her home and the local news came to interview the family.  Antoine was very upset and quite animated.  The folks over at  schmoyoho took his interview added a catchy beat and vocal effects which catapulted Dodson into the hottest thing on the internet.  Since the video has gone viral Antoine has appeared on countless talk shows.  The parody is actually sold on iTunes and with the profit Antoine and his family have plans to buy a home.\n\nMost recently another unintentional celebrity has merged from the web.  Ted  William better known as “The man with the golden voice” is someone who had fallen on his luck.  Ted was once on air radio personality who gave into his addictions to drugs & alcohol.  Eventually his vices (which apparently he is still battling with) cost him his career and he has been homeless for quite some time.  A local newspaper filmed him for their YouTube channel and the video was such a hit that in the matter of 4 days Ted William got a haircut, a home, reunited with his mother, a slue of TV show appearances, and what he wanted the most a job.\n\nYour business could become a hit on the net as well.  A flip camera, creative idea, and good marketing plan can result in an excellent web video. Although it is important to think outside the box don’t forget to stay relevant to your products and/or service.  Trying out new marketing techniques could have a great payoff.  Even if your video doesn’t quite reach viral status, your organization will be sure to have star power in the eyes of potential clients.

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