How to Give Effective Design Feedback

3 simple tips for communicating actionable, honest, and objective feedback. Gathering and implementing client feedback is a huge part of a designer’s job, but it can sometimes prove a frustrating process for both designer and client. The internet is filled with designer-made memes like this poster series capturing the creative community’s favorite worst feedback: While I… Read more »

Language Leverage: Effective messaging starts with words

A few years ago, I made a mistake. It’s a common mistake that happens to the best of us, but I made it publicly and refused to recognize my error until it was too late. As a copywriter, I hold myself to certain standards of linguistic and literary abilities. I also entertain the notion of… Read more »

Values Always Win

Recently, my Facebook feed has been flooded with shares and likes of Always’ #LikeAGirl commercial. The three-minute ad explores our perceptions of what it means to do something “like a girl.” The moral being, acting “like a girl” should not be an insult. Although there is a part of me that wonders if this is… Read more »

2011 Design Trends & Discoveries

Last year I did a round up of 2010 Predictions of Design. This year I am going to write about design trends that I have been seeing and recent discoveries that I found worthy to share. \n\n\n1. Fonts for Websites: Probably the #1 complaint of web designers is being forced to use web-safe fonts in… Read more »

A Social Spin

One of the greatest things about social media is how consistently small efforts can yield big rewards. I can not stress enough how infusing social media into your current efforts pays off.  If you still aren’t convinced that social media is a force to be reckoned with, here are a few examples of the large… Read more »

Stay Connected

At my house we use AT&T as our internet provider.  Lately I have been having countless issues with our connection.  I have called them to try and get it fixed but it still remains unresolved.  As most people do these days I took my frustrations and made them public on Twitter.  A simple “I hate… Read more »

Lessons from the Egg Delivery Man

On this past cold snow-filled ‘spring’ day in Chicago – I was not expecting for my day to be inspired by the local egg delivery man. Yes – an egg delivery man. I was volunteered for a social project of a graduate student in the arts who by raising and delivering eggs wants to assist in the advocacy for community-controlled food systems. At first I was not looking forward to making time to receive this student in my home – the invitation to free eggs was nice but not completely compelling to a person who does not always cook. I got a call 5 minutes before the scheduled delivery expecting a postponement due to the weather but was informed the egg delivery man was outside.

Why Blue Blogs

Blogging, online video, Facebook, LinkedIn… blah blah blah! It seems that everywhere you turn there is yet another technology or site that everyone tells you… “Oh my God! If you want to do anything with your business, you better “. Let me tell you how it is.