Creative Exercises

Creativity is a lot like the human body; it requires exercise and a healthy diet to stay in shape. Doing the same type of creative work all the time is like doing the same exercise every day. You need to mix it up to get results. Cross training the right side of the brain is a requirement in the quest for creative zen. Inspiration comes in many forms, and as a designer, experiencing art and culture is invaluable. Pursuing diverse interests and broadening your horizons will stretch and feed your creative muscles.\n \nCreativity is all about re-arranging, re-inventing and re-thinking. Changing your perspective or seeing something new can help revitalize you and help you to work it out. At my fingertips, I have a fabulous city that is filled with films, bookstores, theaters, museums and music. I flex my design muscles by reading design blogs and magazines, following designers on twitter, and continually looking at sites to see what others are up to and talking about. There are also design groups and events to go to. Meeting and getting to know other designers is beneficial for many reasons, if not only to share nerdy design references. \n\nI count myself lucky to be a creative professional. I love nothing more then having a great brainstorm session or coming up with a solid design solution. You get a runners high off of it, the creative endorphins kick in and you marvel at how fortunate you are to design for a living.\n

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