BD on Canvas: Turning Core Values into Poster Prints

Our Creative Challenge continues, this time pairing Creative Lead Ashley Kaneko and Ideation Lead Vanessa Mentor. The two created a series of posters that use photography, illustration and lettering to visualize BD’s core values.

With a combined 23 years at BD, the two brought both deep experience and perspective to the challenge.

“For us, it was really important that whatever we did, it told our story and brought our brand to life,” said Vanessa.

Each of the five posters are inspired by a tenet of BD’s core values: vision, dichotomy, collaboration, purpose and a challenger spirit. The centerpiece, vision, also celebrates our company name (and the story behind it).

The posters were repurposed into a boxed set of postcards that were shared with partners and clients at the start of the year.

“I love that we were able to share the artwork with our clients through these postcards,” said Kaneko, who said the team is working on plans to display their posters around the city. “We can’t wait to see them up throughout the city and share them with the world.”

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Attractive color posters great way to convey your company’s core-values and reach your customers and potential customers.Talented artists you have for sure.


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