Getting the Most Out of Conferences

I’m usually behind the scenes at conferences – helping clients find conferences to attend or speak at, or assisting with their presentations and booth set-ups. So whenever I attend a conference or large event, it makes me think about the differences between being an attendee and being a vendor, a sponsor, or a company with… Read more »

Innovate With What You’ve Got

Many companies hear the word innovation and get nervous. Although innovation suggests change, you don’t have to shake things up completely to see the impact. What do you do really well? Instead of trying to chase a fleeting industry trend or blindly add new areas of specialty to your company, take the the time to… Read more »

Dear Recession, Thank You

Italicized items can be filled in by you the reader\n\nDear Recession,\n\nThe two years that you have been in my life have been the most unstable and yet transformative that our business/organization/department has ever seen (our balance sheet was particularly shocked by your arrival). \n\nWhen I first heard of you in 2007, I figured that after… Read more »