AOL to Aol.

In recent weeks AOL, a brand we have long known and sort of forgotten about, has emerged with a new identity and brand with the new moniker “Aol.” (And yes, the period is included in the new name.) This new logo was designed by Wolff Olins, who designed controversial logos for London Olympics 2012, Wacom… Read more »

The bd (dichotomy) of good design

This past weekend, I purchased two new mugs. It is not as if there was a shortage of these particular vessels in our home, it was simply because they were pretty. This morning my coffee tasted a little better. My new mug is oversized with a larger handle, so not only did it hold more, it was also easier to handle and had a colorful floral pattern that I enjoyed. There is something to be said about having things that are designed with both aesthetics and function in mind. When successful, as my mugs were, it just makes you feel good.