Comedy Central Rebrands

Last  week, Comedy Central announced that they would be launching a new logo in January 2011. Launched in 1989 by Time Warner, Comedy Central was the first cable channel dedicated wholly to comedy-based  programming. It’s popularity and presence has grown from small time cable channel to being one of the most recognized cable stations on… Read more »


A few weeks ago I finally found the time to watch the movie Logorama, an entertaining 16-minute animated film, that is entirely made up of 2,500 different brand logos, icons and mascots. This came out last year and garnered an award at the Cannes Film Festival and later won the Academy Award this year for… Read more »

AOL to Aol.

In recent weeks AOL, a brand we have long known and sort of forgotten about, has emerged with a new identity and brand with the new moniker “Aol.” (And yes, the period is included in the new name.) This new logo was designed by Wolff Olins, who designed controversial logos for London Olympics 2012, Wacom… Read more »