Off the Fence, In the Door

Here you are – a savvy salesman, shoulder to shoulder with your competition.\n\nThere’s your target market – undecided atop the white picket fence dividing your lush green grass from the unkempt turf of your competitors.\n\nThe million dollar question – How do you get your potential customers off the fence and in the door of your business? Well, to start, not this.\n\nTo ensure your competition isn’t getting fat off your slice of the market share pie you must always be thinking of ways to keep your current customers happy as well as creative methods to attract new customers. For now, we’ll just focus on the latter.\n\nIf you look around you’ll notice everyone is trying the seemingly simple (yet at times migraine inducing) task of just getting people to try their product or service. The theory? “Once you pop you can’t stop”. Test drives, open houses, free trials – all ways to give your target market a taste of what you have to offer. As a kid I thought Sam’s Club was just an exceptionally kind grocery store filling my little belly with toothpick skewered treats at the end of every aisle. Looking back, food reps probably despised pintsize freeloaders with no buying power like me.\n\nBands often place a catchy song at the beginning of an album to get people hooked and excited for tracks 2 through 10. Movie trailers will give you just enough explosions and side-boob without giving away the ending to get you in the theater. Some institutions offer a little more if you just give them some time on your day off…\n\n \n\nHere you are (again) – committed to converting those stuck in the limbo. Kick your promotion up a notch with these 3 proven tactics.\n\n1.       “For a Limited Time Only”\n\nRunning a time sensitive promotion can be very effective, but there are two things to keep in mind. One – don’t do them too often. There will be no sense of urgency if those you’re targeting think they’ll get the same (or better) offer in a month. And two – make the window of availability very brief. The more time people have to think, the more time they have to talk themselves out of your non-essential offering.\n\n2.       Free Stuff (they actually want)\n\nWe all turn down free stuff every day. Just because we don’t pay for it doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost us – time, energy, opportunity, etc. So if you’re considering a substantial discount or giveaway item to draw customers in, be sure you’re offering something they actually want. Example – In 2011 stopped offering free downloads of stripped down sessions with indie up-and-comers and switched to a monthly membership format. The fees were minimal but it took over 2 years of persistent courting for me to finally bite. What did it? A discount on a 2-year membership and 2 free vinyl (24 hour sale).\n\n3.       Make it Mean More\n\nPeople have options. People have options for options that’s how many options they have. So if appealing to their wallet’s getting you nowhere, go for their heart (metaphorically). In other words, create an experience in them engaging in your business. If your product is utilitarian, have it delivered elegantly. Blending into a saturated market? Pay if forward and see if that pays off.\n\nI hope you enjoyed the FREE tips on increasing your market share through effective promotions. For more valuable advice join my mailing list for the low low monthly price of $14.99 ;)

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