Launching the New Blue: Lessons from Our Refresh

Many of you know the saying the shoemaker always goes barefoot. For those who don’t it means when a craftsman does not do for himself what he does for others. I started to feel that way about our brand. While our core philosophy has gone unchanged, the last five years [since our re-brand] have been so dynamic, both for our company and our partners, that our brand, much less our website, was no longer representing who we are.

This week, I was thrilled to announce the launch of our new website. As I said in the announcement:

Our new site not only reflects an evolution in our brand, but also a clarity in thought and richness in experience that’s matched only by our passion for helping visionary people succeed.

This message is the essence of why we embarked on this journey and holds within it some key lessons that might trigger you to do the same.

Lead With Your Values
“an evolution in our brand”
MB-NewBlueWhile our name is forever a conversation starter, it’s much less important than what our mark represents–bd–the marriage of the right and left side of the brain, what’s at the center of function and form–life. While our service offering has changed a couple of times over the course of our 11-year history, what we believe has only been cemented. Our updated logo, which better emphasizes our mark, reinforces those values.

Find Your Essence
“clarity in thought”
Mobile’s prominence has evolved digital media exponentially in the last five years. Further the number of messages we get daily has quadrupled. While KISS (keep it simple stupid) has been around forever, it has never been more necessary. Yet simplicity should not be confused with brevity. Simplicity requires knowing something really, really well. After 11 years in business, we know ourselves and our essence. It allowed us to go from about three dozen pages to seven (my lucky number).

Talk Less, Do (Show) More
“richness in experience”
When you meet a business like Blue Daring, the first thing you want to know is who we are and second, and probably most important, what we’ve done. For the first time, we showcase our experience and our partners boldly. There is only so much you can say, it’s what you do that defines you.

Know Who You Serve
“helping visionary people succeed”
I always say, I don’t like projects, I love partners. My team and I are seriously driven by people who have vision. That’s when we make the greatest impact, do rewarding work and perform at our best. It might have taken 10 years to realize that but it was absolutely worth it.

If you have a vision for a better state and feel you can learn from our experience allow us an opportunity to serve you. If you’re just stopping by, get to know us again.

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