Dear Bravo

I have always been a fan of your channel. Particularly because you produce shows that are based on people doing what they are passionate about in a creative and interesting way. This includes shows that are focused on culinary arts (Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Chef Academy), fashion design (Project Runway, Launch My Line), styling (Rachel Zoe Project), modeling (Make Me a Supermodel), hair (Shear Genius, Tabatha’s Salon Makeover) and even working out (Workout). Why is it, I ask, that there is no show on graphic design? It is a popular career choice and diverse enough to provide plenty of different challenges for multiple shows/seasons.\n\nThe show could easily follow your already popular format of having a dozen graphic designers compete for a grand prize. The challenges could reflect how designers approach client work: meeting with them, understanding the challenge, reading/writing a creative brief and showing the design process from start to client presentation. This would include sketching, choosing colors, typography, photography, layout, and the trial and error of comp making. The challenges could be anything from logo to packaging design to an ad campaign to a mobile phone app interface. And just like Top Chef or Project Runway challenges, the resulting designs would be creative, diverse and well-executed.\n\nAs far as a judging panel goes, there is no shortage of luminary designers out there that would be more then happy to contribute their expertise and judgement. Advertising dollars could come from one of the many design resources, which are plentiful and well-established: design magazines (CommArts, Print, How, Step), software (Adobe), computers (Apple), stock photography sites (Getty, Corbis, Veer) and paper companies (Mohawk, Neenah, French, Finch) that would surely sponsor and donate to such an endeavor.\n\nGraphic design is everywhere you look. An expanding art form that is often under appreciated, there is a growing interest in how it is done and how it can contribute to business. Taking ever growing web and mobile technologies combined with traditional print and branding, there are an endless amount of fun and interesting challenges. Not to mention designers are an educated, thoughtful, slightly obsessive and eclectic crowd that would make for great television personalities. Graphic design is about creative thinking, ideation, and problem solving… isn’t that what Bravo shows are all about?\n\nThank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.\n\nSincerely,\n\nAmber Zumstein\nDesign Lead\nBlue Daring

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