Best Logo Design of 2010

Here are the awards for best logos of 2010:\n\nartyarns“Look what design can do for you” Award\nArtyarns: A re-designed Artyarns logo came to light from it’s participation in American Express’s Project RE:Brand, where three small businesses were paired with a design firm in order to re-brand their company. Not unlike what we do here at Blue Daring. This particular initiative provided good coverage on the entire process of re-branding, from showing how business owners work with design experts to defining and executing what they want their brand to communicate. The result is a great logo and a good way for people, especially business owners to understand the impact and value of professional design. \n\n \n\nmyspace“Social Networking brand refresh” Award\nIn an effort to hang on, announced a new logo for it’s brand. My space is like the AOL of social networking, it doesn’t seem to go away and is often the punch line of jokes. But so far this comeback is looking good, the clever use of a space bracket instead of the word “space” is well-done and overall looks much more professional and polished then it’s predecessor. The site looks significantly better with a well-designed interface that is cleaner and easier to use with improved interactivity and added functionality. \n\nsheffield_honey Sweet” Award\nSheffield Honey Company: The Sheffield Honey Company is an artisan producer of premium quality local English honey and the finest beeswax products. The identity pays homage to Sheffield’s industrial history with the icon representing both a honeycomb with a drop of honey and an industrial nut (and bolt). The result is a beautifully understated and interesting logo with packaging that is equally nice. \n\nPwC_Logo \n\n“Best makeover of the year” Award \nPwC: PricewaterhouseCoopers got a big brand refresh this year, going from it’s very long name to it’s initials of of PwC. The brand change  for one of the largest professional services firms was surely an undertaking, but successful in the end. The icon is thoughtful and extends itself out well to fully realized brand elements, the colors are bright and fun, and the more modern typography is well done.\n\n\nTheKrakenRum_thumb“I bought it because of it’s packaging” Award\nKraken Rum: Everything about this bottle is superb. The beautiful black and cream label features a fantastical octopus and ship illustration with an elegant typographical enclosure logo. The unique bottle has a double handled top, embossed product name and slightly stout shape which makes it all the more interesting. This product surely stands out amongst it’s competitors and it is a tasty rum to boot.

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