More than Sauce: Branding Diversity

The perfect ad—you’ve seen it before. A group of friends or a family; one brown, one yellow, one white. A utopian mix of races, genders, even lifestyles. For decades, brands have approached diversity (and inclusion) in this way, and it makes sense. In fact, a 2016 study found that 80% of millennial parents enjoy seeing… Read more »

Your Products Don’t Matter

Your brand’s value is not what you make or what you do. It’s certainly not your tagline. Your brand’s value is the net change your business catalyzes in your customer’s life—the purpose and goal of your products or services. Through this lens, Tesla does not make cars, but rather energy efficient solutions. Waste Management does not… Read more »

Growth: The Sweetest of Deaths

If you have ever fallen in love with a restaurant, you’ll know about the heartbreak of crushed expectations when you visit them after their time in the spotlight. Why is it that the minute restaurants have to cater to a lot of people quickly, they lose the very thing that made them famous to begin… Read more »

Values Always Win

Recently, my Facebook feed has been flooded with shares and likes of Always’ #LikeAGirl commercial. The three-minute ad explores our perceptions of what it means to do something “like a girl.” The moral being, acting “like a girl” should not be an insult. Although there is a part of me that wonders if this is… Read more »

What is your brand’s song?

This year I decided to fill my time with more “passion projects”—uber creative and liberating experiences (or experiments) that will challenge me to be more creatively well-rounded and energize my work. One of my most recently inspired undertakings was to learn to play a new instrument. I chose ukulele because, coming from Hawai’i, I already had… Read more »

My Identity Crisis is Your Business

I am going through a bit of an identity crisis. In what seems to be the blink of an eye I have gone from being a young Latina hustling my way through four degrees, a career and a young business in a delightfully diverse city to having spent this weekend “picking up” a new car,… Read more »

Bird’s the Word: How Dove Capitalizes on Cause and Conversation

While brainstorming for my last blog, I came across a few interesting articles about Dove and their on-going “Real Beauty” Campaign.\n\nThey came up with a clever guerilla marketing scheme (see full here) to target not their audience, but those who have a direct influence on their audience: the creative world that dictates what kind of… Read more »