What is your brand’s song?

This year I decided to fill my time with more “passion projects”—uber creative and liberating experiences (or experiments) that will challenge me to be more creatively well-rounded and energize my work. One of my most recently inspired undertakings was to learn to play a new instrument. I chose ukulele because, coming from Hawai’i, I already had… Read more »

Keeping the Spark Alive

I am a firm believer in the idea that brands should be approached and understood in the same way as our relationships. So, it’s no surprise that some playful Valentine’s Day relationship advice might actually reveal valuable insights for brands, particularly aging ones. Avoid a stale relationship or brand with these tips for keeping the… Read more »

What brands can learn from Rocky Balboa

Recently, my friends discovered (with great disbelief) that I had never seen a Rocky movie. Feeling like I was missing out on the iconic film, I devoted an entire week to a Rocky Marathon. Inspired by all six Rocky movies, here are a few things we can learn from the Italian Stallion. DO WHAT YOU DO… Read more »

How Target Missed the Mark

A highly anticipated collaboration, the Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection had been expected by both the company and the broad spectrum of their consumers, (myself included), to be a mass sellout success. The biggest campaign and partnership of its kind, Target summoned 24 of the biggest names in fashion to create a highly sought… Read more »

My Boyfriend the Brand

Everyday we make decisions about our brands. What should it look like? What is the best solution? Will people buy this? To sharpen our instincts and make better decisions we read up on trending articles, indulge in marketing terminology and seek insights and advice from the experts in our field in hopes to demystify the… Read more »