Strategy + Outreach Coordinator

We are looking for a dynamic junior communicator to develop and execute on creative ideas that help our customers—visionary executives and entrepreneurs & community-driven organizations—engage their communities, support the launch of Blue Daring’s own See it to Life and be part of a creative, strategic and diverse team of people who love to bring ideas to life.


  • have a minimum of 1 year of experience working in a marketing or communications capacity (including internships)
  • have a minimum of 1 year experience doing any or all of the following—designing and coordinating events, doing community outreach, designing and executing on marketing initiatives or ad campaigns
  • have a university/college degree in marketing, communications, branding or other related field
  • be proficient in leveraging social media (paid and organic) to build and connect to community
  • have exceptional writing skills—especially in e-mail—that net clear, concise, direct and approachable communications
  • be a pro in the use of Word and PowerPoint (or a comparable document and presentation tools) to develop clear, salient documents
  • be a well-balanced blend of confident and humble
  • be a proactive verbal and written communicator—who isn’t afraid to take the first step, pick up the phone and reach out
  • have a passion for inclusion, transparency and community
  • be very responsive, service-oriented and accessible—someone who can be counted on to respond and deliver on tasks, no matter how big or small
  • be fast-working, well-spoken, professional, dependable, and highly-collaborative



  • work with and for amazing people and organizations
  • use traditional and social media to build and connect to communities
  • support the design and execution of engaging events and meetings
  • produce internal documents that guide the development of meaningful communications
  • brainstorm and develop ideas that help our customers connect to their communities
  • increase awareness and distribution of Blue Daring’s own See it to LifeTM
  • grow, learn and develop as a strategist and communicator


PLEASE PREPARE A COVER LETTER with thoughts on why you connect with this opportunity, provide your resume and your target salary range to