High Frequency

After months of what feels like endless freezing temps, Chicago becomes a madhouse when summer arrives, with Chicagoans soaking up as much sun as possible at beaches and pools. I normally stay away from that crowded scene, but this year I decided I’d give it a try. First things first—I needed a swimsuit. So I… Read more »

Partnerships and Patience

In the last decade or so, few barriers have remained between the sport of soccer and widespread popularity in America. One of those few, though—and possibly the most important—was that the sport still had yet to produce an American poster boy, someone kids would idolize and marketers would court. Until now. Tim Howard is the… Read more »

The Importance of Umbrellas

These past couple days here in Chicago the weather has been so off and on. One second it’s a sunny spring day and than out of nowhere it becomes a rainy cloudy mess. Carrying an Umbrella has become a must have! You might be asking what does this have to do with marketing. I’m not… Read more »